EMD’s – Are They Still Valuable

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EMD’s – Are They Still Valuable

EMD’s – Are They Still Valuable?

The one thing that many businesses are struggling to do is get to the top of search results. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is through EMD’s. Exact Match Domains, commonly referred to as EMDs are essential when looking for what influences website rankings. They are an SEO tactic that have worked for many businesses in reference to their search engine rankings. They are able to transform search results and rankings. When the internet became the go-to source of all information, using EMDs was the way to go. Times have google-emd-penaltytransformed, and now other factors including links, content and data are pushing other sites to the top of the list. However, the question remains, are EMDs still valuable?

The Cost of EMDs in Digital Marketing.

Before looking at the cost, the simple answer to the valuability concept is Yes – EMDs are still valuable. You can easily use EMDs as a shortcut to get higher rankings for your business website. For this reason, they cost more than other strategies out there. There is a catch though; you have to maintain high standards for you to hold that position for a long time. Some irrelevant exact match domains may dominate your brand from time to time but your good quality will keep you there for a longer time. At least, this is what has been observed with numerous businesses.

The Success of LED Light Bar

There is an example of a stand out site, that has effectively made use of EMDs and that is LED Light Bar. They have chosen a good digital marketing position in purchasing a domain, something which has cost them a lot of money, and the good news is that, this strategy is working just fine for them. This is a company that was more than willing to pay the high price for an investment that they were sure would yield good results for them in the end, and the future continues to look bright for this site.

exactmatchdomainThe exact match keyword for this domain is LED Light Bar and it gets almost 62,000 searches a month across North America. This is a significant amount of organic traffic.

Currently, LED Light Bar is at a good competing position in the market, thanks to its high ranking in the search engines. It is slowly outdoing its major competitors, which include Superbrite Led Lights, Rigid Industries and also Bull Dog Led Lights. The use of EMDs has worked really well for them and it is exciting to think about how this strategy will work out for the company in the years to come.exact match domains do they still work

LED Light Bar is a leading supplier of Earthtrack Industrial LED lights in USA. The product is built to be tough in order to withstand even the harshest conditions. The company aims at providing effective lighting solutions for all types of needs, for instance for miners, construction workers and also for farmers. They ensure that the work gets done even in the middle of the night.

EMDs have worked for LED as a marketing strategy that can assure you of continuous ranking. This is especially because the company is using big keywords to make sure that it is being found by people in need of the best lighting solutions all over the country.

In conclusion, one of the things you can be sure of is that EMD is still very valuable in ranking your website even higher than your expectations. You are able to target the exact market you want to buy your product, and you can own that market for a long time with Exact Match Domains. This is therefore, a marketing strategy worth considering for any businessman that want to take as much control as possible of their search ranking.


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