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July 2017

Twitter for Small Business


Twitter tips and tricks: a beginner's guide for small business With millions of users, all potential customers, Twitter shouldn’t be ignored. Here’s how to get started, from hashtags to management tools “I don’t get Twitter” is a common statement among small business owners. Typically lone rangers traversing the terrain of social media with little guidance, [...]

June 2017

Social Media for Small Business – What to do in 2017


We found this great article published by Ella Jameson at The social media. It talks about how the landscape of social media is constantly changing and evolving. How new platforms are always popping up and challenging the way we do business as an SMB. The thing we need to do here is to focus on [...]

EMD’s – Are They Still Valuable


EMD's - Are They Still Valuable? The one thing that many businesses are struggling to do is get to the top of search results. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is through EMD’s. Exact Match Domains, commonly referred to as EMDs are essential when looking for what influences website rankings. They are an SEO [...]

5 Risks in Exporting Manufactured Goods


We ran into this great article about the 5 risks of exporting manufactured goods and how to avoid them. We decided to share it with all our readers as well and although we don't export led light bars, we only import led light bars, it's still relevant for all of us to consider.   5 [...]

April 2017

Abbotsford – An Introduction


Abbotsford – An Introduction Known as a “City in the Country,” Abbotsford is endowed with British Columbia’s richest agricultural lands, “family first” values and exceptional urban amenities. It’s also a year-round destination packed with outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and golf. In the series to come, we plan to highlight some of these [...]

Hikes in Abbotsford


Hikes in Abbotsford As might be expected in bountiful, agricultural lands, walking and hiking paths are numerous around Abbotsford. Many are flat, easy-to-walk, cycling and jogging routes along the dykes such as the Sumas River and Arnold Dyke trails, both off Hwy 1. Sumas Mountain presents much more challenging hikes. Be aware that many trails and [...]

5 Reasons to Buy an Abbotsford Home in 2017


5 Reasons to Buy an Abbotsford Home in 2017 The housing market in British Columbia right now is busy and exciting…and potentially overwhelming for someone considering whether to jump in. Let us show you 5 reasons you will want to buy an Abbotsford home this year. 1. Location, location, location With downtown Vancouver just a [...]

March 2017

Nature is Green Infrastructure


Nature is Green Infrastructure Nature and infrastructure are not independent of each other; on the contrary, nature is infrastructure. From protecting communities from flooding and excessive heat to improving air and water quality, nature is not only a critically important element of infrastructure but also a vital part of human and environmental health. When nature [...]

Structural Soil An Innovative Medium Under Pavement


Structural Soil An Innovative Medium Under Pavement Have you ever wondered how on earth trees grow in little square planters alongside roadways and sidewalks? Unless you are one of the few in the know, you probably have. An education on structural soil help will help explain how growing trees below pavement is possible and how it provides urban [...]

Home-buying or investing?


Home-buying or investing? Home-buying or investing – which is better? Gen Y & Millennials, this could be the defining question of your financial life. Don’t make the mistake of passively accepting the line that housing is a great investment. Ask questions so you can make an educated decision. Houses are a lovely place to live [...]